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Increasing Accountability with Fitness Apps

Given the advancement of technological importance in our current societal climate, the fitness industry has significantly grown in what it can offer electronically. As such, fitness applications (apps) have become an efficient and sustainable utility to incorporate into our improving lifestyles. There are a plethora of options to choose from at the tip of our fingers; and can be tailored to your preferences and needs! This is why we have curated our fitness app, Qualitas Life, to provide optimum care and exceed set goals.

Specifically, keeping track of small targets such as steps, caloric count, amount of time being sedentary, movement amount, etc, can be greatly beneficial when starting your journey to a healthier lifestyle. These tracking strategies are sustainable long-term given their accessibility, efficiency, easy utility, and more prominently, their effect on our accountability. When beginning a path to a healthier lifestyle, improvement of physical activity may be of particular concern. For this reason, I find that tracking my steps or minutes of movement throughout each day holds me accountable to the bigger picture of remaining and attaining a baseline activity level.

**Tip: If you are looking to start your wellness journey through the improvement of your physical activity, begin with counting your steps per day. This ensures that you are maintaining movement throughout the day in spite of the common sedentary lifestyle. Begin with a target of 5,000 steps each day and try maintaining that for 2 weeks before increasing that target. The incorporation of a fitness app or tracker can greatly benefit your accountability in attaining these goals.


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